Where can I find a reliable cleaner?

When shopping around for a cleaner, there are several things you will need to take into account. Firstly, is the qualified, insured and reliable. First impressions are a great way to find out these things. Ask your cleaner when getting a quote for these things, if they are unable to provide then don’t risk it.

Secondly the next thing you will need to see is if they are uniformed or have a good brand. Brand is a good indicator of reliability and a positive outcome. Teams in Perth like Alliance Cleaning or Vacate Cleaners have a good understanding of branding and rely in providing a suitable service that others can recommend.

Third point is to ask them what other clients they have worked for before. Reputation and Reviews are a great way to see if the company is actually telling you the truth when they promise you everything at such a great rate. Remember sometimes you do get what you pay for so shop around and do your research but don’t always go for the cheapest.

I hope this information can serve you well and you find a reliable cleaner.

beach-perthPerth is such an underrated city and it cops a fair bit from other states. Even though we have had a mining boom recently, it has slowed down in the employment opportunity side. Even with less work opportunities, Perth still offers a large range of opportunities for start ups and entrepreneurs.

Perth has had some steady growth over the past few years due to the boom, and now Melbourne seems to be the place to be, but I like Perth for other reasons. The weather would have to be the main one.

If you compare Perth weather with Melbourne weather you will see a vast difference. Perth is a little more stable and has a spring type of feel to the air. We get an afternoon sea breeze which makes the heat bearable and our beaches are also some of the best.


It has come to my attention that I have become a homebody and need to get out a bit more and work on my employment and career goals.

I went to a recent employment and careers expo in Perth and it opened my eyes up to a whole new world of opportunities. Working from home has been quite a taxing job. Most people think it is the best ob in the world, to be able to work from home, however long hours, trying to pull myself away from the computer and interruptions and low progress has made me think I need to go into a job role.

I have looked into adding some training to my resume and went to a session that provided by Paramount recently on Customer Service.  I think ill need to do a few courses on communication and telephone skills to be able to re-enter the workforce.

If anyone knows of a recent job opening that would be suitable please let me know.

The Abercrombie Press is a unique write up of interesting Australian Interests.  I try and keep this site updated for all my friends and family who would like to follow me on the adventures across Australia. Coming up in the next few months I will be posting more information about the transition in my career.